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Company presentation

TRE B company was established in 1994 with the goal of developing a cooperation in the industrial assemblage of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic material, and a cooperation, through patented systems, in the activity of drilling holes into carpets employed in sanders, pressurization systems and any other system using these supplies, including conveyor belts. The company is also devoted to the production of pneumatic clamps. Renowned for its accuracy and perseverance acquired over many years of experience in the field, the youthful, dynamic and motivated work environment is yet open to new experiences that could enrich the professional and economic growth of the company.
TRE B is located in the industrial area in Povolaro, Dueville (VI), in a building of 1250 sqm. The company provides lorry transport service and is equipped with lift trucks, small presses and conveyor belts for the development of its production activity. TRE B works exclusively on behalf of a third party in all fields in which assemblage or carpet punching is needed to complete the finished products.